Transcendent Philosophy Journal Volume 12, December 2011

Transcendent Philosophy Journal Volume 12, December 2011, has been published by the London Academy of Iranian Studies.


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The Structure and Semiotics of the Second Book of Rumi’s Mathnawi as a Whole

Mahvash Alavi [5-28]

Ethics in the Protection of Environment

Seyyed Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad [29-54]

Mulla ‘Ali Nuri as an Exponent of Mulla Sadra’s Teachings

Janis Eshots [55-68]

A Comparative Study of ‘Faith’ from Kierkegaard’s and Rumi’s Perspective

Masoumeh Bahram [69-92]

Fundamentality of Existence

Aziz Daftari [93-118]

Mulla Sadra and the Unity and Multiplicity of Existence

Karim Aghili [119-146]

Avicenna on Matter, Matter’s Disobedience and Evil: Reconciling Metaphysical Stances and Quranic Perspective

Maria De Cillis [147-168]

Some Reflections upon Islamophobia as the ‘Totally Other’

Seyed Javad Miri [169-184]

Religion and Artificial Intelligence

Alireza Ghaeminia [185-200]

Suhrawardi and Mohaghegh Dawani on the Intuitive Knowledge of Soul

Ebrahim Rezaie [201-222]

Transcendence Model of Intellectual Evolution

Seema Arif [223-252]

Foundations and Development of Absurdism in Western Thought: Reflections from Perennialist Perspective

Bilal Ahmad Dar [253-278]

Religious Studies and the Question of Transcendence

Muhammad Maroof Shah [279-306]

Relationship of Theoretical and Practical Rationality in the Philosophy of Kant and Mulla Sadra and Some of its Consequences

Sima Mohammadpour Dehkordi [307-320]

Mysticism of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh: An International Epic, Mystical and Sagacious Persian Masterpiece

Seyed G Safavi [321-332]

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