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Transcendent Philosophy Journal Volume 12, December 2011

Transcendent Philosophy Journal Volume 12, December 2011, has been published by the London Academy of Iranian Studies.   To view the journal click here.    Contents   The Structure and Semiotics of the Second Book of Rumi’s Mathnawi as a Whole Mahvash Alavi [5-28] Ethics in the Protection of Environment Seyyed Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad [29-54] Mulla ‘Ali Nuri as […]

The Structure of Book One of the Mathnawī as a Whole

 Dr Seyed G Safavi*  University of London, UK London Academy of Iranian Studies (LAIS)   The two previous papers have presented the general principles of parallelism and chiasmus, and have shown how Mawlānā used these two principles to organise his great work in such a way that if you read it linearly and sequentially you form an […]

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