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Book: The Practice of Sufism and the Safavid Order – written by Dr Seyed Salman Safavi

The Practice of Sufism and the Safavid Order, written by Dr Seyed Salman Safavi and published by LAIS Press in 2018. The book is comprised of two chapters, Practice Sufism and The Safavid order.   The first chapter discusses The Practice of Sufism (Mysticism) in Islam: This chapter introduces the theoretical aspects of the practice […]

Department of comparative Upaniśadic literature and Islamic philosophy and Sufism at the London Academy of Iranian,

Allameh Tabatabai has a famous sentence that says: the scent of monotheism can be heard from the Upanishads. Upanis̩adic literature is the great treasure of spiritual wisdom in the Indic knowledge system. It is denoted as the Jñāna-Kān̩d̩a in the Vedic Literature. Basically spiritual knowledge is preached in this literature; therefore it is also called […]

Transcendent Philosophy Journal Volume 19 – Number 30 – December 2018

Transcendent Philosophy Journal is an academic peer-reviewed journal published by the London Academy of Iranian Studies (LAIS) and aims to create a dialogue between Eastern, Western and Islamic Philosophy and Mysticism is published in December. To view past volumes of the Transcendent Philosophy Journal click here. To download the electronic version of the journal click here.

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