London Academy of Iranian Studies (LAIS) is an academic research organisation, established in 2003 CE in London, UK. LAIS is a non-governmental academic research organisation, focused on comparative study of Islamic and Iranian philosophy and spirituality, and western philosophy and spirituality and Persian literature.


London Academy of Iranian studies publishes two academic peer reviewed academic journals. These are the Transcendent Philosophy Journal and the Islamic Perspective Journal.


LAIS conducts academic seminars and conferences on Islam, Islamic philosophy, Qur’anic studies, Islamic spirituality, comparative philosophy, Iranian culture, Iranian philosophy and Persian literature. The purpose of these seminars and conferences is to foster dialogue between academics and intellectuals of Iran and the Muslim world and the international community.


The main objectives of the London Academy of Iranian Studies are:

  1. Academic research on theoretical aspects of Islam, philosophy, spirituality, Islamic-Iranian art and Persian literature.
  2. Organising academic and cultural conferences and seminars based on LAIS’ research objectives.
  3. Establishing academic ties with academic centres of Iranian and Islamic studies in Europe.
  4. Publication of research in the fields of Islamic studies, comparative studies, Islamic philosophy and spirituality, Islamic-Iranian Art and Persian literature.
  5. Introducing Iranian culture and intellectuals to the International community.
  6. Promote cultural and scientific dialogue between Iranian and western academics.
  7. To support academic research in the field of Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardabili
  8. LAIS offers academic advice to students in the field of Islamic studies and Iranian studies.

Academic board of London Academy of Iranian Studies

Dr Seyed Salman Safavi
Dr Seyyed Shahabeddin Mesbahi
Dr Farzaneh Azam Lotfi
Dr Rajesh Sarkar
Dr Mahvash Alavi
Hujat al-Islam Sayed Sadr al-Din Safavi
Hasti Safavi