Islamic Perspective Journal Volume 18, Winter 2017 has been published by LAIS

Islamic Perspective  Journal  

Volume 18, Winter 2017

The Journal of Islamic Perspective published by the London Academy of Iranian Studies (LAIS) is a peer reviewed Journal of the Center for Humanities and Sociological Studies, affiliated to the London Academy of Iranian Studies (LAIS). This Journal aims to create a dialogue between intellectuals, thinkers and writers from the Islamic World and academics, intellectuals, thinkers and writers from other parts of the Globe. Issues in the context of Culture, Islamic Thoughts & Civilizations, and other relevant areas of social sciences, humanities and cultural studies are of interest and we hope to create a global platform to deepen and develop these issues in the frame of a Critical Perspective. Our motto is homo sum; humani nihil a me alienum puto. Contributions to Islamic Perspective do not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial board or the Center for Humanities and Sociological Studies.

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“God is Dead” but not Forgotten: Horkheimer’s Critique of Nietzsche’s Philosophy of Religion
Dustin J. Byrd / 1
Shifting Paradigms from Absolute Receptionism to Radical Rejectionism
Mohammad Hossein Mozaffari/ 11
Muslims in Public Spaces: Resistances and Counter-Resistances
Sophia Rose Arjana / 41
Islamic Feminisim: Is It Calling for a Non-Patriarchal Interpretation of the Qur’an or It Conveys that the Qur’an Remained Neutral to Patriarchy
Zeenath Kausar / 65
Revisiting the Indian Vedic Tradition: A Shariatian Approach
Seyed Javad Miri / 85
Analyse comparative des protagonistes gidiens et al-e ahmadiens: du personnage auvrai soi
Sedigheh Sherkat Moghaddam / 97

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