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Persia’s Mystic: Rumi’s Divan

Gustav Richter (1906-39) 1   Abstract This is Gustav Richter’s third lecture on Rumi’s poetry, in which, in language clearly inspired by Rumi himself, Richter analyses the structural and metaphysical aspects of the Divan, as well as the many layers of meaning contained within the imagery. Richter compares Rumi’s poetry with that of the German […]

Islamic Ethics and the Modern Human Interview with Dr Seyed G Safavi

    Dr. Safavi’s expertise is in Philosophy, Islamic Mysticism, and Comparative Philosophy. His new books on philosophy and Islamic Mysticism are: New Path: A Novel Interpretation of Mathnawi; Practical Mysticism; Ethics and Perfect Human in Rumi’s Perspective; Ahl Al Bayt According to Rumi; Islamic Mysticism in the East and the West; Structure of Mathnawi […]

The Structure of Book One of the Mathnawī as a Whole

 Dr Seyed G Safavi*  University of London, UK London Academy of Iranian Studies (LAIS)   The two previous papers have presented the general principles of parallelism and chiasmus, and have shown how Mawlānā used these two principles to organise his great work in such a way that if you read it linearly and sequentially you form an […]

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