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An Analysis of Parallelism and Chiasmus of Rumi’s Masnavi based on the Synoptic structuralism of Dr Salman Safavi

  Saeid Khanabadi Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran Key words: Masnavi, Rumi, Safavi, Persian literature, Sufism. Since Masnavi was written in ​​the thirteenth century, this masterpiece of the Persian literature has been the subject of thousands of criticisms and analyses in various fields and from various perspectives. Literary critics and masters of philosophy and wisdom, in […]

Mulla Sadra’s Life and Philosophy

Seyed G Safavi London Academy of Iranian Studies (LAIS)   Abstract This paper discusses the life and philosophy of Mulla Sadra, one of the most important Muslim Iranian philosophers and founder of new school of Islamic philosophy, entitled Transcendent philosophy, in 5 sections: his life, what is the “Transcendent philosophy”, the 14 principles of Mulla […]

God in Greek and Islamic Philosophy: A comparative study of Aristotle and Mulla Sadra Shirazi on the Necessary Existent

 Dr Seyed G Safavi* University of London, UK London Academy of Iranian Studies (LAIS)   Abstract The nature of God, or the demiurge-creator and designer of the cosmos, is a venerable subject in philosophy and natural theology. Most medieval and religious discourse about God and the ontological and cosmological proofs for His existence in the Abrahamic […]

Mysticism of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh An International Epic, Mystical and Sagacious Persian Masterpiece

Dr. Seyed G Safavi London Academy of Iranian Studies, London, UK Abstract: This article discusses Mystical aspects of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh the greatest Persian and world epical poem. The focus is placed on the parallels between power, wisdom and knowledge, the interaction between the illuminated spirit and intellect , the speech in praise of intellect, the […]

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