LAIS Press Has Published Beyond Eurocentrism: Probing Into Epistemological Endeavors of Allama Jafari

 Written by   Dr. Seyed Javad Miri Published by London Academy of Iranian Studies Press London, UK  2014 ISBN: 978-1-909538-05-4 Paperback: 78 Pages
Price: £10.00In this book the author who is working at the Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies in Tehran-Iran has attempted to reconfigure the question of epistemology within social sciences and humanities by arguing that we need to rethink the question of knowledge outside the parameters of disciplinary frame of references.



Monological Dialogues

2  Disciplinary Rationality Revisited

  Deconstruction of Disciplinarity Rationality

  Heptafold Dimensions of Knowledge

  Relocating Epistemological Parameters     

  Undisciplinarity and Coherency

  Indivisible Unity of Knowledge

3 Clerkish Mentalité in Human Sciences

 Unthinking Religion by Reconstructing Epistemology

  Clerkish Viewpoint and Dilemmas of Sciences de l’Homme

  Heptafold Realms as Complimentarity and Incomplimentarity

  Interconnectivity and Realms of Knowledge

  Rereading Classics of Disciplinary Social Sciences

  Unity of Self as an Epistemological Prerequisite

4 Poetic-Philosophy as an Integral Approach to Knowledge

  Hafez and the Question of Knowledge

  Integral Knowledge and Scientific Reductionism 

  Compartmentalization of Knowledge

  Religious Knowledge and Universal Culture

  Discipline as a Classificatory Marker

5 Alternative Epistemology

  Alternative Epistemic Orderliness

  Cul-de-sac of Eurocentric Rationalité

  Clerkish Rationalité

  Ensan-Shenas as an undisciplinary archetype

 Key Problems of Disciplinary Rationality



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