LAIS Press has published Reflections on Greater Iran

 Written by   Dr. Seyed Javad Miri
Published by London Academy of Iranian Studies Press
London, UK  2014
ISBN: 978-1-909538-04-7
Paperback: 81 Pages
Price: £10.00In this book the author who is working at the Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies in Tehran-Iran has attempted to
reconfigure the question of Greater Iran by arguing that Iran does not refer to the current nation-state. On the contrary, when we say ‘Iran’ it refers to a cultural continent which goes beyond political boundaries of contemporary Islamic Republic of Iran. The author has tried to demonstrate the complexities of realities within the vast region of Eurasia by looking at concepts such as ethnicity, religion, borderlines, and so on and so forth.


1. Revisiting the History of Iran: Geopolitics and Geoculture
2. The Significance of Caucasia and Central Asia in Iran’s National Secutiry
3. The Geopolitics of Crisis in Central Asia and Caucasia: An Iranian Perspective
4. Revisiting the Chechen Crisis through an Iranian Prism: Historical and Strategical Considerations
5. Iran’s New Geopolitics in Central Asia and Caucasia
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